DIDSOLIT-PB Local Conference at Patras,
Greece Presentation of the Photovoltaic Parking Station & Skylight
installed at Patras Science Park


Conference Hall of Patras Science Park, Greece
Wednesday, 24th February 2016, Time: 10:00



The Institute AEIPLOUS organizes an open conference for the presentation to the wider and specific public of a Photovoltaic Parking Station and Skylight which was constructed and installed at the premises of Patras Science Park within the frames of the European project DIDSOLIT-PB «Development and Implementation of Decentralized Solar Energy-Related Innovative Technologies for Public Buildings in the Mediterranean Basin Countries».

The Photovoltaic Parking Station and Skylight is innovative and unique in Greece and is expected to become a center of attraction for the scientific and educational community as well as for the local and regional authorities.


The partners in this project are from Spain (Autonomous University of Barcelona and Eco-System Europa), Greece (Institute for Innovation and Sustainability Development AEIPLOUS and the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania), Egypt (Egyptian Association for Energy and Environment and Alexandria University) and Jordan (Al-Balqa Applied University). The DIDSOLIT-PB project aims at integrating new and innovative solar energy technologies and their application to public buildings.