The mission of the non-profit company AEIPLOUS is to highlight and promote the principles of Sustainable Development as well as to exploit innovations that contribute to Sustainable Development, especially in Western Greece (Regions of Western Greece, Peloponnesus and Ionian Islands) and generally in Greece and abroad.

More, specifically, the objectives are:


  • Scientific study, research, development, promotion and dissemination of principles and means that contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development, defined as «Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs - World Committee for the Environment and Development, 1987». According to this criterion of sustainability, all natural and environmental resources should be used with respect to the needs of future generations. The interests of future generations are guaranteed not only by maintaining these resources but also by substituting them with others when their preservation is not feasible. The company aims to contribute to the effective management of resources, to the control of environmental pollution, to the strengthening of society’s environmental consciousness as well as the application of existing environmental legislation through collaborations with public and private agencies at a local, regional, national and international level.
  • Scientific study, research, recording, promotion and pilot applications of Innovations which contribute to Sustainable Development, for example: recycling and exploitation of by-products, renewable forms of energy, integrated environmental management, eco-innovation, environmental governance, etc. Innovation is internationally recognized as one of the major factors of competitiveness for enterprises, and probably as the only way that leads to Sustainable Development, while at the same time is equivalently ensuring or diversifying the goods of technological progress and quality living. Innovations and research & technology continue to be developed locally at a large degree through the collaboration between similar firms and research institutions (clustering) and to this end the company works.
  • Planning and elaboration of activities to promote Culture as a distinctive feature of man-made environment and as the basis of Sustainable Development.
  • Design, application and use of Technologies of Informatics & Communications and generally new technologies to enhance and create a Knowledge Society.
  • Interdisciplinary approach to other thematic areas and enhancement of features which contribute to Sustainable Development, such as sustainable agriculture, agro-tourism, green computing, sustainable development of building section, etc.
  • Exchange of information and experiences and realization of collaborations and partnerships with other national, European or international organizations or institutions engaged in Innovation and / or Sustainable Development.
  • Know-how and experience transfer between organizations & enterprises and promotion of innovative technologies.
  • Implementation of studies and proposals of scientific, technological, social, techno-economic, cultural, etc. nature, and preparation of studies on the use of resources available for these goals, such as grants, etc. from the European Union, the Greek Ministry of Development or other governmental bodies and local authorities, etc.


For the promotion of the above objectives, the non-profit company, AEIPLOUS, may use any appropriate means including, but not limited, surveys, studies, the organization of meetings, seminars, conferences, lectures, public discussions, the planning and implementation of research & development programs, training programs, publication of books, albums and forms, the collection of data and information, the creation of databases, development tools and information systems, the establishment and participation in joint ventures and companies which pursue the same or similar purpose etc