Sustainable Constructions

According to the principles of Sustainable construction and under the scope of AEIPLOUS Institute researchers developed mathematical prediction models of the mechanisms and rates of deterioration of reinforced concrete structures.

Underwater World

Members of AEIPLOUS Institute have paid particular attention in examining the underwater environment. Βy undertaking diving expeditions and by studying the sea-bed of the Patras Gulf area they have reached to certain conclusions.


AEIPLOUS, as an Institute for Innovation & Sustainable Development, and its members are highly active in implementing activities, studies and projects that are aimed at R&D&I and entrepreneurship policies.

Culture and Tourism

Institute AEIPLOUS is activating in the promotion of culture and tourism points of interest ,which vary from the ancient history to modern times ,of the wider area of Patras city.


The Institute AEIPLOUS implements youth exchange actions that focus on bringing together people from significantly different backgrounds in order to develop mutual understanding, increase tolerance and social cohesion, promote active citizenship, reduce marginalization of young people and create opportunities for future professional cooperation.

Social Awareness

Institute AEIPLOUS highlights the social structures that provide support to vulnerable social groups. One such case is a visit at the premises of N.G.O PRAXIS, located at Patras city, a structure aimed at providing free social and medical care to underage immigrants and refugees, who are in the city of Patras.


Institute AEIPLOUS is engaged in the development and promotion of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and any other activities which contribute to the promotion of RES, aiming at further utilization of commercially viable energy technologies.

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