ATRIUM Architecture of Totalitarian Regimes of the XX° Century in Urban Management (

From wounds of an inconvenient & terrible past, the architectural traces of totalitarian regimes of XX° Century could become an important source of local development, if they were managed & valorized through a trans-national cultural route (in compliance with requisites set out by the Council of Europe with the Resolution n° 12/07) corroborated by tourism cultural products.


Fostering A Citizen's Europe-FACE

The project FACE-Fostering A Citizen's Europe is co-financed by the European Union and is implemented within the frames or the Europe for Citizen's Programme 2007-2013 and specifically through Action 2 – Active Civil Society in Europe, Measure 3 – Support for projects initiated by civil society organisations.

Duration of the project: 01/08/2012 until 17/05/2013




Development and implementation of decentralised solar energy-related innovative technologies for public buildings in the Mediterranean Basin countries.

Duration of the project: 36 months (December 2012 - December 2015)

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